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President's Message

Hello and welcome to RSN Crathern Industries!

Thirty-eight years ago, I entered into the paper lamination machine manufacturing industry at Crathern Engineering in Contoocook, New Hampshire. Crathern Engineering was one of the leading designers and manufacturers of flatboard machinery in the world. My experience progressed from being hired as a machine assembler to troubleshooter and service technician to Parts Manager and Sales Manager, ultimately culminating in the start-up of my own business, RSN Industries, Inc. For those who have been in the industry that long, I'm sure you will agree I have been a constant in your business for 38 years and provide willing and knowledgeable information and recommend SOLUTIONS that have saved your company tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars. I unequivocally understand that in these challenging economic times, those in the paper lamination industry need all the assistance they can get to maximize profits and remain competitive.

RSN Crathern Industries specializes in building and rebuilding flatboard machinery utilizing state-of-the-art servo drives, PLCs, machine vision and robotic technology to best meet the customer's specifications. I would be pleased to personally review your company's needs and recommend the most cost effective solutions to you. We routinely redesign and re-engineer to meet the customer's production needs. We have the capacity to innovate and solve your problems AT THE LOWEST COST TO YOU! RSN Crathern Industries is proud of our high speed machines that produces quality products. I'm very confident that you will discover, if you haven't already, that RSN-Crathern Industries is responsive to your needs for new machines, machine upgrades, parts and service.

A great deal of my business comes from repeat customers. That is due in large part to my employees at RSN Crathern Industries who make your priority, our priority. If your machine is down, we understand and CARE that your company is losing time and money and do everything in our power to manufacture or obtain repair parts to get you up and running.

RSN Crathern Industries is a strong leader and manufacturer in the paper conversion industry with new machinery, rebuilt/remanufactured machinery, parts, technical service, engineering upgrades, machinery improvements, and operator training as well as providing parts and service. We here at RSN Crathern Industries will provide parts and service to the industry who are already equipped with RSN Industries, Crathern Engineering, Crathern and Smith, Stokes and Smith, FMC and Crathern Machinery Group machines or who wish to upgrade to a new and redesigned RSN style machine or remanufactured machines.

Thank you for your business, and I look forward to meeting your company's needs in the future. If you haven't tried us out, please do. I am confident you will see why RSN Crathern Industries will become your first solution. If you have any questions regarding RSN Crathern Industries or the products that we support, please contact me at (603) 746-4060. You'll be glad you did!

Richard (Dick) A. Dearborn
RSN Crathern Industries Inc.

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